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Questioning PDF Print E-mail
User Rating: / 6
Contributed by Eman Hatim, UK   
Saturday, 01 September 2007

Questioning entails identifying, understanding and seeing more of a person’s inner constituents and make up. It is an act of stringing one’s cords to explore which tune best fits their description and which moves best fit their actions. The enquirer may tap subtly on the door to one’s history and mentality, push intimately or barge in unannounced and unexpectedly demanding answers to which one may not want to reveal the intimate details of. It is the latter that creates a puff of disorientating smoke. The harmful effects of which may be filtered away by those whom have prepared with their lifetime by setting up the grills to their ventilation system. Those unprepared for the day of beckoning would be smothered in the smoke for which they helped set the fire alight in their wasted and haphazard lifetimes and lifestyles.

Questioning can be intrusive, enlightening or a supreme right if liability to a superior existence affixes the connection between the two factions. As the curtains draw on his customary first life, another is hauled up disclosing a mystifying, chilling and unanticipated view of what is to come ahead. Pending, is a pot either brimmed with gold or gurgling with bloodcurdling scorching fire, his destiny either black or white. However ahead of the results, he is subjected to a line of enquires by two outlandish life forms of which he has not previously encountered. The effortlessness of the task is reliant upon the lifestyle he elected to gravitate towards and the life time decisions and proceedings he opted to carry out.

Questioning him will be a rhythmic assignment, similarly as completed with the former arrivals. Brainstorming and mental astuteness will not be a pre exquisite in responding to the three central questions for his predecessors stretched from the illiterate pauper to the undefeated analyst to the scrupulous thief. His corpse will be exposed to stark nudity, his possessions amounting to a mere body and his questions revolving around the bare essentials. His aide to memoir? Simple. Let him cast an eye upon the rationale he selected when plummeting his eyes as she passed, the judgment behind his verdict not to feel the sin with his naked hands and the ethos he chose to instill in his life when deciding what pierced his lips and what floor his feet strode onto. It is that accompanying mindset and protective moralistic philosophy which will pave the way to a triumphant cross-examination and a blissful sleep as that experienced by a bridegroom.

Who is your Lord?

What is your religion?

Who is your Prophet?

Three queries which on the surface of affairs, seem simple on the tongue but are in fact, chokingly arduous for the ill-equipped. A calamity awaits the disbelievers, evil doers and hypocrites as answering in the compressed grave may not be as straightforward as pie. Let the hairs of trepidation be raised and let the goose pimples of insecurity surface for it can only be healthy that we contemplate from now. Let us recite collectively, for this hour may be a veiled pardoning one:

 ‘O Allah, I take refuge in You from the punishment of the grave, from the torment of the Fire, from the trials and tribulations of life and death and from the evil affliction of the Al-Maseeh Ad-Dajjaal.’

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  Comments (15)
 1 Written by Issmat, on 01-10-2007 18:26
A very difficult read, even for people who speak English as a first language. 
Is this an editorial piece? There is no title near the author's name. If this is an editorial, then I would like to raise a (short) red flag about the over-bearing religious theme. Shabab Yemeni, in my opinion, should remain non-religious and non-political. While the paper is not liable for reader-contributed opinion pieces, editorials are usually held as the paper's opinion and are seen as a reflection of its agenda. 
I worry that some potential readers might be turned off by the religious (almost preachy) overtones of editorials such as this one. 
I see SY as a potential window for the world (young and old) to see into how Yemeni people think and feel. I would hate for them to hit a religiously-inspired introduction and be turned off the rest of the magazine altogether. 
This is not a criticizm of the author or the article. I'm just raising a caution flag for you to consider. 
 2 Written by ant dary, on 01-10-2007 20:54
I agree with Issmat however, religion obviously plays a major role in making up what Yemeni people think and feel. Although there is a possibility these types of issues might discourage people from being absorbed into the rest of newsletter, it will portray an incomplete image of "Yemeni" thought. 
By the way, it was a very hard read , but extremely well written i guess
 3 Written by Adeeb, on 02-10-2007 04:21
Thanks for the article Eman. As "issmat" and "ant dary", i find your articles more challenging to read than the rest of the articles on SY. However, for me at the end it is a rewarding process. Please keep up the good work on SY. 
Regarding, the concerns on "Issmat"'s post. I personally do not agree with them. I don't think we should discourage SY Editors from writing what they think is important to share with their Yemeni Youth peers. As stated above "religion [does] play a major role in making up what Yemeni people think and feel." and I believe there is enough space on SY for readers to disagree with a certain religious theme or attitude of a certain article if they wish. After all, SY is not a website made for tourists, it is mainly for Yemeni Youth and what concerns them.
 4 Written by Eman/Author, on 02-10-2007 11:20
May I ask my readers to spare a few moments to comment on my writing on the above gmail Editor in Chief account as I would very much appreciate feedback of what they find difficult.I would also encourage feedback for any of my other fellow members. 
Furthermore, my article is not the agenda of the newsletter, but my agenda and I wish not my team members to be entangled with that. 
Nevertheless, I do not feel I am preaching anything to my readers on what and what not to do. However, I intended to give a description of the hour of questioning in this blessed month when some steer to questioning themselves and lives. 
Kind Regards
 5 Written by Gabeeli, on 03-10-2007 00:50
so one time a Saudi rich man was really worried about death. He memorized how to answer the questions in the grave really fast so he won't have any problems.  
After his death he sees the angels coming and before they even asked him anything he said "Allah, Islam, Mohamed... Allah, Islam, Mohamed"  
One of the angels laughs at him and said "this guy doesn't know we changed the curriculum questions.
 6 Great article
Written by Reader, on 03-10-2007 05:08
Beautiful and touching article... May Allah have mercy on our souls in this blissed month.. 
Akh Ismaat. If this magazine is to speak to Yemeni youth, the majority of whom are Muslims, and driven primarily by passion to their religion, then I see this article and many other religious articles very appropriate. I am sure those "others" who might be discomforted by these articles will have the tolerance to not feel the urge to view the newsletter in another light... There have been many forward articles that were not well received (yours were some of them), but they were published nonetheless...
 7 none
Written by Regular guest, on 05-10-2007 05:28
I think we need more religious articles after all we were brought to earth for a purpose, right? and I'm sure God will appreciate us reading religious articles that will actually benefit us rather than political ones.
Written by wayfarer, on 10-10-2007 17:16
Salamo 3liykum , 
first of Allah May Allah rewared the person the best for the good reminder ,Second of all as a young muslims from the land of Islam we should always return to the reason that we were created for which is worshiping Allah azwagal . 
Islam is the identity of Yemenis and we should hold into it and practis ,learn it and pass it to the other :) keep it up hommies
 9 Written by mona, on 11-10-2007 14:56
AND yet another beautifully written artical from Eman!
 10 thought to share
Written by reader, on 13-10-2007 04:04
I would think otherwise ya issmat ...  
the insertion of religion is the light-bulb to more readers being enlighted!!!. Islam is away of life and NOOR. We need articles that help us realize how much religion is part of our life and our every move, thought, is the essence of life. These articles written by youth for youth are the outlet to reviving spirituality, morals, and humanity at large. 
going into the shades of dark and away from light (islam)is to call humanity dead!  
Questioning is essential and the path to righteousness!!! good job Eman and thanks for your input Issmat, appreciate it.
 11 Written by HitchHiker, on 20-10-2007 06:25
Beautiful writing, very elaborative and artistically ornamented. However, I disagree with the whole notion of three questions and I believe that they are just myths widely and strongly linked to graving which purposely meant to encourage lay people to center their lives on these questions. Never mind though, it is just my opinion!!!!  
 12 Written by Eman/Author, on 20-10-2007 09:53
Thank you. 
HitHiker, you may be interested to have a nose at the following.
 13 Written by Eman, on 20-10-2007 09:54
HITCHHiker,my apologies
 14 Yemeni Identity?
Written by Justly Curious, on 21-10-2007 18:48
Written by wayfarer, on 10-10-2007 17:16 
Islam is the identity of Yemenis a.....keep it up hommies\" 
What about those few Jewish, Christian, Hindu, or Atheist Yemenis? You want to kill or deport them because now they are not Yemenis? 
Just my two cents, here. We better start differentiating between nationhood and religion. Islam is a religion. Your (our) identity as a Muslim has nothing to do with Yemen. On the other hand, your identity as a Yemeni has to do with defending Yemen as a nation (Muslim or non-Muslim). Yemeni is a nationality, not a religion. 
 15 Thank you
Written by Noora, on 30-10-2007 19:55
Very good article...thanks Eman and keep up the good work :)

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