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Contributed by Eman Hatim, UK   
Thursday, 01 May 2008

Why would one forfeit precious ink, the curvature and alignment of their spine and the integrity of their vision under the faint candlelight to put in writing a love letter? Why is it so, that it is no longer in vogue for many to pour their innards out onto paper? Why is it rampant in the former period of a relationship and steadily but unfailingly fades away into thin air thereafter?

Do outwardly repeated displays of such affection ring true to one’s giving disposition or does it originate from one’s preliminary uncertainties from an untested, unpredictable relationship? What is it one strives to convey to the other? That his or her pen is aroused by only one? That their words will only strive to unearth and perch on a cushion in their soul or that the time spent in carving the A, B and C’s of the heart on paper is time crowned in bliss and multi-layered in deep seated feelings?

If lovers had it their way they would be pouring rivers of devotion and weeping oceans of yearning all day and all night long. Their stimulus would exclusively stem from their desire to frame, stamp and entrench their emotions in their lover’s soul. Free of daily quandaries, free of imminent events and free of the dismal realities of life, lovers would coarsen their high GSM writing paper, snap the tips of their fountain pen and diminish their healthy, supple wrists into arthritic ones. The seas would heave up scores of bottles a day, fugitively hauling the threads of ones heart across distances, planes would succumb to the overload in mass of the inscriptions lugged across dizzying air miles and ear plugs would be thieved off the shelves for the salvage of neighbours of sobbing, yearning lovers.

Love letters they are today and allegations or divorce papers they may be tomorrow. However, what is a letter if it is not handwritten, if its effects do not compel the recipient to read over and over again and what is a love letter if it is not sealed with a kiss. Love cannot be more sincere than in a letter, neither can it be as honest and as profound for there are no walking pulsating beings nearby to manipulate the assembly of the words you select and no flesh of man to alter your mood and no distractions until the ink is shed. The only blockade in completing a letter is oneself and there has been no scarcity of letters during times of seething hatred, spewed anger, shock, fright, misery and joy. The train of life persists on and unsympathetically does not pause for any passengers. You are only permitted to embark and are enforced to step off when instructed to do so. Consequently, love may not hang around for you either. 

Today you may notice the opals, sapphires and turquoises more dazzlingly whilst submerged in the stinging nettles of fresh love. Tomorrow the opals will lackluster and life may seem comparable to a wrinkled image brought on by the monotonous practices of life, children and work. Nonetheless, never fail to remember you will regret what you never uttered, stroked or imparted if it was apprehension that held you back. Little, delirious or aged it is never too late to lay down genuine inner mementos that keep you going with a loved one and offering it to him or her so their eyes may devour, extremities may tingle and lips may fancy.

For the Halal lovers out there, I leave you with this…………………….

أحب البر والمزيون وأحب البدو والأوطان
I love the charismatic and well-mannered and I love the original Bedouin values and the sight of my hometown. 
واحبك قبل لا يدرون هلي واهلك ولا الجيران 
And I have loved you before your family, my family or the neighbors or anyone else knew of my love. 
واحب العذري المخزون بمجرى الدم والشريان 
And my clean unrequited well-intentioned love runs in my veins with my blood. 
واحبك والمحبة عون محب عاشق ولهان 
And I love you even though love is painful... I am a loving, adoring and pained person with a perched soul.

ولو تطلب نظر العيون عطيتك مني يا سلطان 
Ask what you want. If you asked me for the sight of my eyes, I will give it to you. 
وابيع الروح لو يشرون ونرضي الخاطر الزعلان 
And I'd sell my soul if it could be sold just so that you become less angry with me, and avoid me less. 
حرام البعد يالمظنون حرام الصد والهجران 
Enough of ignoring me.... It is haram to reject me and desert me. 
تعطف وارحم المفتون بحبك هايم حيران 
Have mercy on the one who's lost his mind in his love with you... He is lost and confused in your love. 
تبات انت مريح شجون وانا شجوني بها طوفان 
You stay your nights free of all sadness, while my sadness is like the waves of an ocean. 
لي من غمضت العيون انا و نومي حربنا بان 
And you close your eyes and sleep peacefully and I am fighting to sleep. 
ياللي هاجمني المظنون فمن عنده برد الشان 
The one who's paining me is my love, so who am I to go to and ask justice from?

وصلى الله على المأمون محمد من نسل عدنان 
And may Allah have mercy and Salat on Mohammed PBUH, the one whose lineage connects to Adnan. 

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