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Garbage in, Garbage out PDF Print E-mail
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Contributed by By: Raidan Al-Saqqaf   
Tuesday, 01 April 2008
The absence of self-respect across the higher levels of Yemeni government is far more than noticeable. Of course, with all due admiration to those who are contrary to the previous statement, I can’t help but wonder about how do these officials run their affairs!

It was my habit to read the official daily Al-Thawra newspaper, or just to skim through it if I don’t have the time. I’d imagine that at least one thousand officials reading the same intellectual pollution that was written on that paper. A PhD in economics on the last page is talking about how a small country has made progress by importing people to work for that tiny country, pointing out that a product made by Indians in that country is an Indian product, hence should be attributed to India. Therefore, since Yemen has many people in it, all these people are producing people and hence it is those producing hands that are the real wealth.

What worries me is that people like this PhD are the ones drafting the country’s educational, healthcare, development, trade, and other policies. Then that policy goes to parliament whose majority has ‘literacy’ as their highest qualification, to see a lousy policy and manage to make it worse.

Obviously, since those parliament members receive their knowledge from Al-Thawra, then they see the logic of this PhD, after all, he is a PhD. Then they discuss their findings in their Qat chew with other ‘literate’ people and – magically – manage to legislate that Yemeni workers working outside the country should be taxed, and formulate a multi-million ministry to hunt down Yemeni expatriates to make them pay taxes to Yemen, and at the same time motivate them to invest in Yemen, promising to personally supervise the investments (for a fee).

And you think that’s bad? Last week the legislative body of the government of Yemen failed to answer the simple question of who owns the Yemeni Economic Corporation, the parliament had to formulate a committee of its finest literates to find out, granting them a month of paid leave with expenses to do their research. This committee will start its quest by taking a 10-day intensive course in research methods, followed by a 3-day rest and recreational trip in Sharm-el-Sheikh.

Sometime later, Al-Thawra will publish an article saying that the parliament delegation had acquired indispensable knowledge in monitoring and evaluation and was able to review the - everything - of the Yemeni economic cooperation to make it even better in its role in boosting the economic development of the country.

Now that PhD is writing an article on the role of the corporation in combating corruption, decreasing prices, and making Yemen more competitive in the international market, and, of course, thanking the role of the parliament in the development of the corporation.

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