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Love letter PDF Print E-mail
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Contributed by Eman Hatim, UK   
Thursday, 01 May 2008

Why would one forfeit precious ink, the curvature and alignment of their spine and the integrity of their vision under the faint candlelight to put in writing a love letter? Why is it so, that it is no longer in vogue for many to pour their innards out onto paper? Why is it rampant in the former period of a relationship and steadily but unfailingly fades away into thin air thereafter?

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An exercise in relationship Management PDF Print E-mail
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Contributed by By: Raidan Al-Saqqaf   
Thursday, 01 May 2008

Well, oddly enough, I am not referring to customer relationship management - a business disciple in which the customer is treated as a pray being fed and petted until slaughter day, but I am referring to managing the relationships you are involved in, with the ones you love, hate, can't stand, and more importantly, those who pet you.

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10 bills at the end of the month PDF Print E-mail
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Contributed by Raidan Al-Saqqaf   
Thursday, 01 May 2008

Electricity, phone, internet, mobile, water, credit card, gas, rent, car installments, and student loan installments, are the bills my friend Walter has to pay every month, ranging between 2200$ - 2500$ every month, leaving him less than 800$ dollars to spend on everything else every month. Life in DC is rough, the city, noise, traffic, stress, and annoyance is taxing his life. He does all these sports and fitness routines and yoga stuff just to cope up.

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Rat race to liberty PDF Print E-mail
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Contributed by Eman Hatim   
Thursday, 01 May 2008

A slit in your right eyelid reveals another morning, another pursuit and the correct timing by the minute at which you must rise and rid yourself of your comfortable nightwear. It is once again, time for the soap to be used, the white pearls to be brushed and the spotless, crisp cotton to be worn and admired. As you grudgingly or delightfully say your goodbyes, which depends on the day of the week, the condition of your night and the crispness of your morning toast, the thought of the undertakings of the day clouds your mind.

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