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As a pure youth effort, Shabab Yemeni (SY) is a youth newsletter established in May 2004. SY is a non-partisan, independent newsletter with a goal to share knowledge, experiences, and resources among Yemeni youth.

To help establish a solid base for Yemeni Youth from which inert powers can be triggered and actuated to build a better future.

• Increase awareness among Yemeni youth and share knowledge and experiences
• Highlight and bring attention to youth activities inside and outside
• Instill confidence in Yemeni youth to create positive change in their society

Positions & Responsibilities:

1- Advisory Board – Adeeb Qasem, Najwan Al-Junaid, & EIC
Details coming soon…

2- Editor-in-Chief– Yumna Al-Adeimi
The Editor-in-Chief is the manager and the facilitator of the newsletter team. He/she is responsible for the newsletter publication. EIC should have a contingency plan to replace delayed articles, either by inviting a guest editor a month before the deadline or by submitting a pre-written article by one of the current editors. EIC listens and consults with the rest of editors. EIC must have an “open-door” policy. He/she must keep the team informed with any developments/changes and maintain a medium of communication among all editors via e-mail or via bi-monthly meetings or via any other way he/she may find appropriate. EIC must be assertive and clear about newsletter’s deadlines and editors’ commitment. By consulting other editors, he/she should be able to take executive decisions whenever necessary.

The Editor-in-Chief/Coordinator responsibilities include, but not limited to:
• Ensuring the submission of articles by editors on time
• Writing a monthly editorial
• Acting as a liaison between the newsletter and external organizations
• Ensuring the process of editing, reporting/writing on issues
• Facilitating team meetings
• Ensuring the pursue of the newsletter’s vision and mission
• Updating the newsletter’s documents. Whenever necessary, changing documents after consulting with team members; re-visiting newsletter’s mission and vision
• Resolving conflicts and addressing concerns
• Having goals: a short-term plan and long-term plan to ensure the progress of the newsletter

3- Editors
(Ahmad Shumaila, Eman Hatim, Fadi Alwadan, Mumtaz Fernandez, Raidan Al-Saqqaf, Rian Bahran, Sahara Mohammed, Sarah Haoity, Sara Waheeb, Taima Al-Qahtani)
Each editor must be proactive and willing to help whenever necessary. Each editor is accountable for their section content and its availability on time. A delayed article will be dismissed in the issue, but used in the coming issue. Having said that, articles must be submitted on time to avoid delays in editing and graphics addition. Each editor is allowed two mercy days after the deadline. Each editor is only allowed three trials of mercy days. From past experience, delays have jeopardized the newsletter’s present and future. Therefore, editors are expected to be understanding and accommodating to EIC’s follow-up.

Editors’ responsibilities include, but not limited to:
• Content development of their respective section and sometimes other sections – whenever necessary
• Ensuring content of sections is in-line with the vision and mission of the newsletter
• Ensuring the articles pool is always filled with their section’s extra article.

4- Creative Director – Mona Qasem
The Creative Director is responsible for the Talent corner of the newsletter. Her/His tasks include:
• Enhance the creative aspect of the Talent corner
• Market the Talent corner to potential contributors
• Encourage contributions and provide feedback to contributors when necessary
• Ensure submissions are quality-based

5- Copy Editor (Proofreader/facts checker) -
The copy editor proofreads each issue of the newsletter. After consulting with the EIC, the copy editor determines if an article should be pulled from an issue based on its incompatible content, poor quality or anything affecting the newsletter (evidence provided). Copy editor should be willing to proofread articles more than once in case of poor quality.

Responsibilities include, but not limited to:
• Proofreading each issue
• Ensuring facts/numbers in the newsletter are correct and well-referenced
• Evaluating sample articles of potential editors on SY’s criteria. Along with copy editor, the Editor-in-chief will evaluate sample articles.
• Taking initiatives and upon consulting with EIC, executing creative ideas to develop the newsletter
Evaluation criteria:
• Good grammar
• Good sentence structure (e.g. simple sentence structure)
• Clarity and flow of ideas
• Use of simple and clear language – no slang or used English
• Not making many changes (intensive editing) to authors’ ideas (or what they intend to say)

6- Marketing & Public Relations Director – Roaa Bahran
Marketing & Public Relations Support – Laila Alzoba & Amad Almasaodi
The Marketing Coordinator is responsible for sending out the newsletter to all members. With the help of team members, the MC will create a marketing plan to ensure maximum exposure and distribution of the newsletter. MC is encouraged to be creative and proactive about his/her marketing strategy.

Responsibilities include, but not limited to:
• Creating and executing a marketing plan for the newsletter
• Developing and maintaining mailing list for newsletter’s members in cooperation with IS coordinator
• Contacting potential marketing media
• Keeping the EIC updated with the marketing process
• Representing the newsletter professionally to potential partners and readers
• Taking initiatives and upon consulting with the EIC, executing creative ideas to develop the newsletter

7- Recruiting Director – Osama Al-Shara'bi
SY believes in creativity and originality. Recruitment of new editors occurs whenever the team finds original and creative ideas floating on the surface. However, quality and not quantity matters. Quality writing must be ensured before recruiting a new editor. If needed, potential editors should be asked to submit a writing sample to the SY team.
Responsibilities of the Recruitment Director include, but not limited to:
• Communicating with potential editors and guest editors, whether by e-mail or phone or any possible communication medium at the time
• Recruiting guest editors, communicating and following up with them
• Ensuring quality writing of incoming/guest editors, consulting with the copy editor or editor-in-chief if necessary
• Consulting and keeping the editor-in-chief updated with the recruitment process
• Evaluating potential editors on fair and legitimate basis
• Taking initiatives and upon consulting with the editor-in-chief, executing creative ideas to develop the newsletter

8- IS Director/ Graphics Designer – Enas Al-Bahr
Technical Support Team - Ahmed Al-Shami
The Graphics Designer is responsible for designing the newsletter and ensuring a professional look for the newsletter yet keeping a creative and attractive design. With the help of the technical support team, the GD will maintain SY’s website, design and content.

Responsibilities include, but not limited to:
• Designing the newsletter overlook and adding graphics.
• Developing and maintaining newsletter website
• Developing generic photo collection to be used with the newsletter
• Designing a logo, and color scheme of the newsletter
• Recruiting technical editors from SY team to help in website design and maintenance (non-team members are allowed, but to be consulted with the editor-in-chief)
• Taking initiatives and upon consulting with the editor-in-chief, executing creative ideas to develop the newsletter

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Shabab Yemeni-English is delighted to announce available openings for the following positions: Bi-monthly and monthly writers, Marketing director, recruiting director, and IT director. If you are interested or think you can contribute to our team in any way, contact us at sy.editorinchief@gmail.com

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“Human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives”
- William James