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Running out of Oil: A Look at Unconventional Transportation Fuel PDF Print E-mail
User Rating: / 14
Contributed by Rian Bahran, USA   
Friday, 01 December 2006
Oil Rig.jpgEven with exceedingly high oil prices worldwide, gas consumption and oil demand is still increasing steadily. Today, consumers use over 80 million barrels a day (bpd) of petroleum worldwide [1]. This kind of energy consumption is the consequence of the integration of technology into our daily lives, especially in transportation. Two thirds of the 80 million barrels of petroleum used daily goes into the world’s transportation needs.

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Softened Temptations PDF Print E-mail
User Rating: / 12
Contributed by Eman Hatim, UK   
Friday, 01 December 2006
Bitten Apple.jpgThe mirror was just right he thought, wide enough to emphasize his masculine broadness and clever enough not to dispute with his unfound handsomeness. He allowed his curious finger to follow the outlines of the valleys his well toned biceps formed, whilst admiring them all the while. They reached up to his sturdy chest before finally landing on the mop of rugged and ruffled head hair, hair ends slicing between his fingers like a sharpened knife. At that moment, he remembered her and knew he could win her over once more. He was 25 and had always been able to.

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Live and let Live PDF Print E-mail
User Rating: / 2
Contributed by Sarah Waheeb, UAE   
Friday, 01 December 2006
Speed.jpgSpeeding on the road to feel the wind on my hair, as I fly by other cars was the ultimate happiness for me. I loved the feeling, until I survived a serious accident with only a scratch, but lost my friend in another.

Imagine three rail disasters a week and a natural disaster every month. The daily loss of life on our roads is equivalent to these horrifying scenarios. More people are killed and hurt by bad driving than all other crimes combined. 

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Book Review: Will the Boat Sink the Water? PDF Print E-mail
User Rating: / 9
Contributed by Raidan Al-Saqqaf, Yemen   
Friday, 01 December 2006
Book Review.jpgVery few books sell over 10 million copies, mind you; there is only one book in the world which sold that many copies in the black market.   This is the book we review here today in an attempt to answer the question on what secrets and message could such a book have, especially with such a provoking title.

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Big City, Narrow Minds (From our Archives) PDF Print E-mail
User Rating: / 5
Contributed by Issmat Al-Akhali, Canada   
Friday, 01 December 2006
Gender.jpgCan the philosophy of segregation survive our fast changing times?

Sanaa, Yemen’s beautiful capital city, is realizing the alarming introduction and popularity of mixed-gender coffee shops and smoke (sheesha) parlors. Women and men share the same space and enjoy the services offered by these establishments. In some cases, entertainment is provided in the form of live music, and accounts were sited of women and men dancing in the presence of each other. 

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