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Contributed by Yaman AlHakeemi   
Tuesday, 01 July 2008

A few weeks ago he hit the road with a few friends. They have finally decided to do a road trip to see their country, Yemen, about which they cared deeply yet only have seen very little of.


 As the car cruised through the mountains a strange feeling hovered over him. The music of Ayob Taresh was playing in the background;  a music he almost never appreciated and almost always felt distant from.  The huge mountains stretched in front of him forcing the roads into loops and tough curves, the mountains were demanding respect, everybody had to slow down to observe and appreciate the scenery,  the villages on top of the mountains, and the terraces all over, and to bonder about the Yemeni man who did all that when there was no machinery or new technologies  to help. He did appreciate all that, and suddenly Ayob's music  started to make sense to him.


 So fast they drove eventually, yet the long beautiful peaches seemed to travel with them just as fast, as a plane in the clouds they thought they were running in place.


As they continued their way, the strange yet familiar feeling enchanted him. He soul was at home, over the mountains, across the desert and a long the long beaches of his own country. He felt connected and at peace, and he knew why he is in love with this

country, yet no specific words could come out of him to communicate the feeling for

others. It had to be experienced and it had to be lived. His body vanished, and his soul was free. Finally he realized she was his body, he were her soul.


 When was the last time you traveled across Yemen?


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