Why Youth Empowerment?
Contributed by Alaa Isam Hassan Al-Aghbari   
Sunday, 01 June 2008
Why Youth Empowerment

Youth empowerment is the authority that gives the youth the capability to establish a purpose. If a youth is nor empowered they will not be able to make it. And end up being a curse to their generation.

They must acknowledge the sources and facts about empowerment. Youth need to understand that empowerment is needed to enforce obedience, and provides the strength and vitality for vigorous activities. Take the lives of Albert Einstein was reported as the world’s most brilliant man; he was a science genius and a great physicist with wonderful intellect. Thomas Edison became one of the world’s leading inventors. The youth need to be empowered to discover their potential to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Youth are no longer anxious about their future, some youth are no longer playing their parts in society; many are not being useful to their society. Young people that could have touched so many lives are not productive. Youths are involved in hard drugs, prostitution, violence and so many other evil activities. Youth in Yemen are recently get increasing who are disappointed and they give arms to terrorism activities, instead of studying in an institution. They must realize what is needed to realize a well fulfilled future and find their way back to the path that leads to accomplishment.

Youth NGOs all over the world are working hard to educate the youth, to make them aware of the things they have to know and to work hard to achieve them. They ensure that the youth find their way to the track to a better future, the track to be great in life. The sooner the youth are empowered to reach a goal, determines the quality of our society.

We start with the importance of power. Power is required by everyone. Adding effort to the things we do will help us to go far in life. Power is required to keep us alive, the ability to enforce properly use that power enables us to make things work in our own lives and the lives of others. First, youth need to seek a spiritual power to keep things going and fulfill the will of God.

If I speak in this paragraph about “Theological Empowerment”. The word “Theological” is derived from the Greek noun “Theorem”, which refers to a state of contemplation or speculation. It is the mental element of empowerment, a state of mind. There are different compartments of the brain each of which controls a specific mental function. The compartment that controls the memory is called “The memory Faculty”, and the compartment that controls reasoning is called “The Reasoning Faculty”. In deed, the whole idea of the part of the brain controlled specific mental activities was known as”Faculty Psychology”.

Theological Empowerment is acquiring knowledge through learning and studying. Theology is the state of one’s mind to pull out a great work studying the situation of your life, thinking positively toward your future and destiny, and learning through contemplation or speculation, is all examples of putting your knowledge to good use.

Another face of the Empowerment is “Empirical Empowerment”. The word “Empirical” is derived from the Greek noun “Imperia”, meaning experience. Empirical Empowerment is a practical involvement in an activity, knowledge and skills that are gained through practical involvement. It involves acquiring knowledge, through physical activities. Empirical Empowerment is performed a certain task or using the experience you have gain to execute some work.

Finally… God has his way of empowering us; if we focus and redirect ourselves to God for his empowerment we will reach our goals.

By: Alaa Isam Hassan Al-Aghbari This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


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