Enjoying the violence
Contributed by Raidan Al-Saqqaf   
Sunday, 01 June 2008
Enjoying the violence

We, Yemenis, are violent people. We average a war every ten years, we are heavily armed and we love nothing more to see than a fight! We also like to argue our points out even if they don’t make sense, because the point of the argument is to create and sustain a conflict. Even in our homes, there isn’t a day passing pay without the daily dose of shouting, yelling, and perhaps beating. Our violent behavior has become a normal habit to most of us – ever seen two drivers yelling and honking while another tries to impose himself on them while blocking their road? He’s practicing his habit of sparking a confrontation.

Yes, this is who we are. And there is nothing wrong about this, we like to inflict injury upon others, and when we see someone else get hurt we laugh on them, O what joy – someone is in pain, let me put some perfume on your wound, not because it will help you, but because it will make me feel great! See - we do feed on the pain of others, this is how we survive as a society, otherwise why do we maintain this high level of violence amongst ourselves?

Well, violence is good, it is entertaining, it is an opportunity to inflect injury, and it has the potential of becoming a festival of violence involving many people in the process.

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