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Price of Freedom PDF Print E-mail
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Contributed by Radhi Yahia Alradhi, Yemen   
Thursday, 01 March 2007
Girl.jpg“Oh my God, what bad luck I have? Do I deserve all this misfortune?"

She exhaled a sad deep sigh. It was a crucial soliloquy that sparked an uncontrolled fire in her soft heart and inundated her in an ocean of hot tears. Being unable to put out the flakes of fire, she burst into tears when she found herself alone surrounded by dark naked walls.

She resurrected the dead grief and remembered the sufferings she faced from her uncle as an orphan girl when she lost her father at the age of 5 and welcomed misery into her life.

She was robbed from the pleasure of her childhood plays and was deprived of going to school so she could devote her energy towards labor in her uncle's farm.  In return, she would get food, drinks, clothes, and a house she could never call home. 

She accepted that life, whatever was the price, but now she could not pay more. She would not offer the rest of her life to live in a prison.

She recalled what her uncle told her about him “You'll live your golden days in luxury with such a wealthy husband. He is so rich and he has come here to visit. You'll live with him there in his country.”

“No… no, I will not marry a man who’s my grandpa's age! Yes… and I'm not a commodity in my uncle's hand to find the highest bidder” she wiped her tears and spoke to the walls. But her uncle was stone-hearted and he had put his daughters up for sale and yes, he dared to do the same to her.

While her tears were falling as waterfalls, she thought about a way out. Then she took a difficult brave decision. “I should elope with my heart and liberty and complain him to the judge.”

The soft chirps of birds loudly spread and awakened her.  She drew the curtains and the golden rays of the sun freely crossed the horizon and illuminated every thing they face foreshadowing the birth of a new day.

“Every thing is living freely but why not me?” She asked her pale reflection in the mirror.

Darkness engulfed her thoughts and shattered her brave decision. 

She remembered the heavy social restraints that would shackle her bravery. “What will the people say about me? What will the girls, boys, men, women especially the old women say?  ‘You are but a girl… a girl… and girls have no liberty’. What shame will I bring?”

She moved towards the small window in her room and gazed at the cloud shielding the golden rays. 

Her brave decision was no longer. 

Her mind now engulfed with one thought: To be or not to be.

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  Comments (7)
 1 yah
Written by Guest, on 28-02-2007 15:40
nice story you got there dawg.. we shouldnt be concerned about other people confession towards our actions. ;) 
Tarek Shumaila
 2 sad reality
Written by Guest, on 01-03-2007 01:42
unfortunately thats the sad reality of our lives..most people still live that way, however wat u need to know is that people always talk, however they never live your life for u, they dont feel pain or hunger or cold when u r, so why should they decide your life for you..u dont owe anybody anything
 3 Written by Guest, on 01-03-2007 21:15
choice & freedom... nice reminder of how i take them for granted. Thanks Radhi! 
 4 Written by Guest, on 03-03-2007 04:57
I love this part, "While her tears were falling as waterfalls, she thought about a way out. Then she took a difficult brave decision. ?I should elope with my heart and liberty and complain him to the judge.?" 
 5 Lu'ai Es'haq
Written by Guest, on 04-03-2007 01:05
totally splendid! you have a pure poetic sense though you had abit too much similes and metaphores, but great work.
 6 Picture
Written by Me, on 17-03-2007 17:09
Where did you get the picture? It has a long story behind it and I'm curious how you got it? Nice piece by the way!
 7 to be or not to be
Written by adnaniii, on 28-03-2007 11:21
nice story; it reflects many issues casses in yemen under the veil of relegion and relegion has nothing to do with this habit of inforcing girls to marry old men. 
by the way!! i raise the question of the comment before!!! from where this picture ! who is the girl in the pic 
?? i might know her :P

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